Looting of Iraq

The US occupiers have sat back and watched, even encouraged, the looting of the treasures of the national museum – which contained some of the oldest known artifacts from the cradle of civilization, the national library, many hospitals, most of the government ministries with the noted exception being the oil ministry which was well protected by foreign (US) usurpers.

Untold numbers of people have perished and been severely hurt by the wanton hooliganism that has prevailed since the takeover under the watchful and complacent eye of occupying foreigners.  Perhaps the US has allowed the situation to deteriorate to such a horrendous level so that Iraqis and others around the world would demand a heavier hand and call for a lengthier occupation by the foreign powers.

Already, the US is using the lawlessness as an excuse to delay the transition to government by the hand picked lackeys that the US hopes to install.  Of course, the biggest looters of all are the US administration who have stolen the nation and its oil.