3 Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms

3 Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms

Owning firearms in a country with relatively convenient gun laws for the sake of your security or hunting hobbies can be a real challenge if your house is swarmed by curious kids who want to touch everything they see.

In such a household keeping yours guns in drawers or leaving them out in the open is a suicidal call, which is why this article brings to you three of the most efficient ways you can store your firearms. The process is not expensive; you just have to be smart about it.

  1. Separate Safe Storage

A gun without a bullet has only one danger associated with it as far as young souls are concerned: its weight. But the major issue is dealt with if you simply keep the ammunition away from the reach of anyone other than you because in that event it won’t matter how many times the trigger is pulled.

The safe where you keep your gun should have a code which is not known to anyone except you or an authority you trust. The types of safes you can use are:

  • Manual Steel Safes

These are safes which can be unlocked using the numerical code which you prescribe to it the day you purchase it. These gun safes are very secure because the steel exterior is tough to crack under most circumstances.

  • Electronic Safes

Their credibility cannot be questioned, but make sure the code is not something easy like a number sequence or something related to numbers of your personal usage.

  1. Triggering Lock

If the gun has a trigger lock on it then there is no way it will shoot unless the lock is removed, and that can only be done using the key possessed by the owner. It is important to note that it is highly unsafe to use a trigger lock while a bullet is inside the gun because it can be fired accidentally.

As far as safety of kids is concerned, as long as the key is kept away from them the gun will be of no use. It is important that you check the trigger lock with utmost caution before you keep it as your safety check so that no mishap occurs in the event of an unwanted possession of the gun. Another type to look into is biometric gun safes.

  1. Gun Cases

A gun case is very common because many shooters like to carry their prized possessions around in cases instead of exposing them unnecessarily to the world. They have a space for putting up a padlock or an electronic lock, and it is important that the space is utilized while the gun is stored so that any innocent soul does not approach it.

Some gun cases come with locking space for more than one locks, and it is a good idea to capitalize on that space so that maximum protection is offered to the firearm while it is in storage.

The measures mentioned may seem to be a little excessive, but nothing is more precious than life itself and nobody can preserve yours with as much responsibility as you yourself.

Vets Coming Home with Back Pain

Vets Coming Home with Back Pain

Many vets come home experiencing some serious back pain. I wanted to shed light on this issue and offering a temporary solution. Inversion tables tables has come a lot way since their inception. Many men and woman come home in pain and are looking for answers. Below you will find my top 5 cures for this back pain. I hope you enjoy.

Searching for the top rated inversion tables? Has your search not yielded any proper result yet? Well why fret around so much when you can make a selection out of 3 of the best rated tables in the market. As long as you don’t have any kind of budget constraint and no particular brand bias, these three are all that you need to choose out of (in our opinion).

One – Ironman Gravity 4000 Table

Just the number of sales alone on Amazon is proof enough of the popularity of Ironman Gravity 4000. It is considered to be the most foolproof inversion table with maximum benefits. There are over 300 customer reviews that give it a full 5 by 5 rating. In fact, this table has been called the amazing household accessory to have around. Compared to any sports equipment, it is the one thing that you should never miss out on if fitness if your forte.

Made from scratch resistant tubular frame finish with a sturdy construction and durable design, it can accommodate 350 pounds and stretch up to 6 feet and 6 inches.

Mostly because of its high quality construction, one never can really go wrong with the table. Memory foam vinyl covering for the backrests, lumbar pillow, vinyl side safety covers and rubber non-skids all make it a much more comfortable and easy to use machine. One part holds the body inverted the other holds the frame impact. For more information, please see InversionTableCritics.com.

Something extra in this machine is its palm activated ratchet ankle adjusting locking system. It lets you strap in and adjust the ankle locking mechanism without actually getting up. Moreover, the design of the ankle straps is made to match with different body types so that in a 90 degree inversion your body never feels the stress.

Two – Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Table

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 gets second place not because of any complaints but because of lesser reviews. It has got 200 reviews in place of 300 reviews for the Gravity 4000. However, considering the price difference and the fact that Teeter Hang Ups is better respected, one would have to give this an equal standing with the Ironman Gravity 4000. It brings Flex technology into the mix that lets you stretch the back while resting the entire body at the same time. This platform also introduces a lot of adjust-ability in terms of EZ Angle tether, height, degree of inversion and more.

This Teeter table is sturdy as much as it is secure to use. Even in an inverted position it tends to provide complete comfort, at 90 degrees, it is not uncomfortable to use. With the instruction video, one can easily assemble this table and 300 pound capacity lets anyone use it.

Three –  Body Champ IT8070 Table

Rated third even though it receives 350 customer reviews of 4 or more stars, the Body Champ IT8070 is a table that is designed to satisfy most users. This brand itself is a leading name that has for long produced many sports fitness machines that offer amazing physical therapy benefits fr war vets. This inversion table boasts of many magnificent systems that helps users get perfectly into position and stay comfortable. All that remains is to do is let gravity work on the body.

What one needs the most from a table is to be comfortable and safe. This is achieved with its U-shaped handrail, foam rollers and safety dual pin system. Plus it folds up to a tiny size and stores away easy in a decent sized cabinet. With the ankle supports, it locks feet and ankle into cushioned pads so that the table never wobbles. The height adjustment provided with this table is between 4’7” and 6’8”. Plus the table needs less assembly since it already comes half assembled from the manufacturers.

In short, this table is exactly as it is advertised. It is solid and painted with a hardened coat that stays strong for years even when you fold up the table.

Against it!!

Against it!!

GIs Perishing / Resistance Building

There has been a recent spike in the number of US GIs who have died in ambushes and other conflict with Iraqis. While the US is blaming the attacks on “Saddam Loyalists” there have been massive demonstrations since the US seized Baghdad against the “US occupiers.” Recently, a young Iraqi woman tossed a grenade at US troops and was gunned down. She is now heralded in mosques throughout Iraq as a legendary hero. In response to the arrests of several Shiite religious leaders, a leaflet was handed out warning of a pending “intifada” against the US occupiers should the arrests continue. And then, after a day of US raids on homes of numerous Iraqi, in the town of Hit, an uprising began with demonstrations by hundreds, turning into thousands and ended in the withdrawal of US troops and the torching of the local police station.
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