Against it!!

GIs Perishing / Resistance Building

There has been a recent spike in the number of US GIs who have died in ambushes and other conflict with Iraqis. While the US is blaming the attacks on “Saddam Loyalists” there have been massive demonstrations since the US seized Baghdad against the “US occupiers.” Recently, a young Iraqi woman tossed a grenade at US troops and was gunned down. She is now heralded in mosques throughout Iraq as a legendary hero. In response to the arrests of several Shiite religious leaders, a leaflet was handed out warning of a pending “intifada” against the US occupiers should the arrests continue. And then, after a day of US raids on homes of numerous Iraqi, in the town of Hit, an uprising began with demonstrations by hundreds, turning into thousands and ended in the withdrawal of US troops and the torching of the local police station.

Chalabi – Thief

The favored son of the US administration, the one who US hopes to hand pick as the colonial overlord of its newly acquired vast petrol resources is none other than convicted thief Ahmed Chalabi – who was indeed convicted of pilfering hundreds of millions from banks in Jordan. Who better to usher in the international oil thieves.

UN Hand in Glove w/ Theft of Nation

While some in the peace movement have called for a greater UN role in the occupation of Iraq, the UN Security Council has voted unanimously (with one absent member) to endorse the US invasion and takeover of Iraq and the US and UK control of Iraqi oil. This insidious vote by the institution which maintained sanctions described as “genocidal” by a former senior UN official who was charged in their administration, exposes the total bankruptcy in the call by many for a UN role in Iraq. The UN votes have been counted and they have sided with the aggressive military super power who has usurped and appropriated the entire country, lock, stock and a billion oil barrels.

US Occupation of Iraq Must End Immediately and Unconditionally

It is impossible to innumerate all of the crimes and bunglings of the US occupiers of Iraq. The entire situation is free falling into an abyss and a torrent of Iraqi resistance is likely to follow. Lt. Gen. David McKiernan is announcing that the “war” is not over and he is calling for more troop deployment and reporting daily battles throughout Iraq. It is our job to raise the demand of complete, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US military forces from Iraq. Our demand must be clear and forthright: IMMEDIATE, UNCONDITIONAL AND TOTAL US WITHDRAWAL FROM IRAQ!

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