Grand Theft Oil!

All the lies of the US administration in its drive to coerce the rest of the world to endorse its takeover and occupation of Iraq and the second world’s largest and probably its most valuable supply of oil are now exposed.

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Looting of Iraq

The US occupiers have sat back and watched, even encouraged, the looting of the treasures of the national museum – which contained some of the oldest known artifacts from the cradle of civilization, the national library.

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Shoot To Kill?

For a short time, the US occupation authorities had announced a shoot to kill policy ostensibly to deal with looters (whom they have allowed to rule the streets)…

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In much of the country, water is still not running (after being disrupted by US bombing!).

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Unexploded Cluster Bombs

Many Iraqis are dying or becoming seriously hurt from the unexploded cluster bombs that litter the nation.  As resulted from the 1991 US war on Iraq, thousands of Iraqi will suffer and many will die from exposure to Depleted Uranium

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Radiation Sickness

One sad chapter of the ongoing looting is the sacking of several nuclear labs around Iraq…

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US Occupation of Iraq Must End Immediately and Unconditionally

It is impossible to innumerate all of the crimes and bungling of the US occupiers of Iraq. The entire situation is free falling into an abyss and a torrent of Iraqi resistance is likely to follow. Lt. Gen. David McKiernan is announcing that the “war” is not over and he is calling for more troop deployment and reporting daily battles throughout Iraq. It is our job to raise the demand of complete, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US military forces from Iraq.

New committee to oppose US occupation of Iraq?

We hereby propose the formation of a new committee to work in solidarity with the people of Iraq.

We need to make clear that our work is not done until US troops are removed from Iraq and Iraq is free of foreign occupiers.

We have seen the results of foreign occupation in the Israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza and we certainly do not want to see a repeat of such events in Iraq.

As a committee we would:

    • Hold monthly forums and discussions around the issue of the occupation and related issues. We would like to target the weekend of June 21-22 or 28-29 to formalize a working committee against the occupation – details to be announced.
    • Plan for a week of demonstrations against the occupation in September, 2003
    • Plan for educational activities in September against the occupation on as many college campuses and in high schools as possible
    • Serve as a clearinghouse to develop slides, written materials and other resources on the topic of the US occupation
  • Work together with groups opposing US and US backed aggression in such places as Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Palestine, Korea, Philippines, Columbia and elsewhere.